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I've been thinking about paring down lately - blame one of the books I’m reading, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. So over the past several days, I have been looking around my life to see what I really need, and what is taking up my time and space. Trust me... read more

Rob Horton It's unfortunate there are no openings for new real estate brokers at #cbbain Bellevue. Only successful, established brokers may apply:)
CB Bain Seal Apple's latest iPhone goes bigger - will you be a fan? #DigitalHome #iPhone6
CB Bain Seal Your home deserves a little protection. Do your part! #Home #Maintenance
CB Bain Seal Tiny appeal: Millennials drawn to the small movement #RealEstate #TinyHome
Tucson Video Tours Search Washington Homes For Sale, Search Oregon Homes For Sale via @cbbainseal #cbseal
CB Bain Seal Keep it simple: Paying down your mortgage need not be a hassle #Mortgage #PayOff
CB Bain Seal What shoes should you wear today? This might make you think twice... #Car #Accident #Pool
CB Bain Seal When it comes to your lender, don't play eenie meenie miney mo #RealEstate #Lender
CB Bain Seal Shopping for a home? Learn how the local schools could be affecting price! #RealEstate #Pricing #Schools
Craig Belting RT @CBBainSeal: Windowless jet still gives you a view (like no other) by @yahootravel #Travel #Flight
CB Bain Seal Don't wait: Buying sooner rather than later is better by @zillow #RealEstate
CB Bain Seal Your ideal neighborhood may not be what you think #RealEstate #Neighborhood
CB Bain Seal Suburb perks: Why living outside the city is awesome by @creditcom #RealEstate #Suburbs
CB Bain Seal Clutter-busting: Closets fashionably store everything #Home #Closet #Design
CB Bain Seal Full speed ahead: Builder confidence rises despite sales drop by @yahoohomes #RealEstate
CB Bain Seal Through it: Drive right through this Texas home to its infinity pool #RealEstate #Pool
CB Bain Seal Prioritzing your wants and needs helps you find the best home by @bhamsunny #Home #Lifestyle
CB Bain Seal Fire up the grill: You don't have to sacrifice hot food during a power outage by @charlytate #Home #Power
Michael Waggoner MLS# 676505 | 14115 233rd Place SE, Issaquah, WA, 98027 @ via @cbbainseal #cbbain
CB Bain Seal The role school district scores play in real estate pricing #RealEstate #Pricing #Schools
Sunny Lake @CBBainSeal I know what's most important to me - the ease of everyday life so I can enjoy time with my family!
Sunny Lake RT @CBBainSeal: Wish list: What's most important to you in a home? by @bhamsunny #Home #Lifestyle
Jim Thomas RT @CBBainSeal: Windowless jet still gives you a view (like no other) by @yahootravel #Travel #Flight
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